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Default LMAO at Kobe not mentioning LeBron

"Who is the toughest player you had to deal with" - Jimmy Kimmel

"Toughest guy I had to play against? I can go by eras.

There was a stretch where Allen Iverson was a load to deal with... there was a game where he dropped 44 on me in Philadelphia..

There was a game where Stephon Marbury dropped 50 on me.

There was a game where [Gilbert] Arenas had 60.

Carmelo Anthony is always tough for me to deal with.

Durant is always tough to deal with.

Theres a lot of guys.. but the guy that always gave me the most problems was Tracy McGrady. He had all the skills and all the athleticism, but he was 6'9 .. so he was tough to figure out." - Kobe Bryant

Stringbean Bryant vs The King

Yet.. LeBron owns him routinely head to head. Go figure.

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