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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Chicago Bulls Edition

Originally Posted by poido123
Good work Dengness

I have written so much about the upcoming Bulls season, I just couldn't be fcked putting another post on it. But, I pretty much think the same way on you with this...Whether Bulls win or lose against the Heat this year, I figure a pretty big showdown will take place if everything falls right injury wise. This team is definately better than 2011, Dunleavy is the perfect addition and fit IMO.

Lets wait and see, offseason is killing me

Word my dude! We have always seen eye to eye usually when it comes to our Bullies. Let's just hope for good health when it matters!!!!

Last year's offseason was awful because of how tragically the season ended....

But this offseason is worse to me because we thought we would have maybe seen Derrick play last year but since it didnt happen our expectations are even higher and we all just want our MVP back!

The return is coming and we know its gonna get wild.
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