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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Cleveland Cavaliers Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: With the young talent base already on the team, the Cavaliers have the nucleus of a future championship contender.

True. A young core of proven players in Kryie/Bynum/Waiters/Clark/Jack is pretty good and still has lots of potential.

2. TRUE or FALSE: The Cavaliers should trade Anderson Verajao for younger talents/draft picks.

False. They need Andy for his veteran leadership and his heart and hustle at the backup or starting Center position when Bynum gets injured.

3. CONSPIRACY TRUE or FALSE: Mike Brown was predominantly rehired to help recruit Lebron James.

False. I think that ship has sailed. It would be pretty pathetic for the Cavs to pursue Lebron in 2014 after what transpired between them. Bridges burnt.

4. TRUE or FALSE: Picking Anthony Bennett first overall was a mistake.

True. I think they should have went with Porter at the SF.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Cleveland Cavaliers will make the playoffs this season.

True. And more than that, they'll likely surprise everyone. I think they might go as high as the 4 seed.


BONUS 1. TRUE or FALSE: Bynum, Verajao, Thompson, Bennett, Clark, Zeller: If healthy, this is the deepest frontcourt in the league.

True. If healthy though.

BONUS 2. TRUE or FALSE: Dion Waiters will develop into a legit 2nd option.

False. Bynum, when healthy, can be the legit 2nd option.

Lost in all these questions, I want to mention that Earl Clark will be their X-Factor, specifically against teams like Heat, Pacers and Nets who each have top 10 SFs. He needs to be able to compete well against them for the Cavs to have a chance.
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