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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Cleveland Cavaliers Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: With the young talent base already on the team, the Cavaliers have the nucleus of a future championship contender.
True. It depends on how the young talent on the team will pan out, as well as Bynum's health, but I think this team is definitely shaping up to be a great team in a few years.

2. TRUE or FALSE: The Cavaliers should trade Anderson Verajao for younger talents/draft picks.
False. If Bynum plays great then they should think about it, but it'll probably take a pretty good offer considering the fact that the organization loves him and that he's a great locker room presence, particularly with such a young team.

3. CONSPIRACY TRUE or FALSE: Mike Brown was predominantly rehired to help recruit Lebron James.
False. It may have been one of the reasons, but not the predominant one.

4. TRUE or FALSE: Picking Anthony Bennett first overall was a mistake.
Too early to tell. I'm not a huge fan of the pick, because I'm not sure how he'll fit in the team, but we should allow him some time to show what he can do, particularly because the Cavs' draft picks the last 2 years were mostly good.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Cleveland Cavaliers will make the playoffs this season.
True. That's what I expect at least, but health could prevent it from happening.

BONUS 1. TRUE or FALSE: Bynum, Verajao, Thompson, Bennett, Clark, Zeller: If healthy, this is the deepest frontcourt in the league.

False. Grizzlies, Pacers and Bulls are better IMO.

BONUS 2. TRUE or FALSE: Dion Waiters will develop into a legit 2nd option.

True, but I think he'll be better suited with a 6th man role.
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