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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Cleveland Cavaliers Edition


PG - Irving/Jack
SG - Waiters/Miles/Karasev/Felix
SF - Clark/Gee
PF - Thompson/Bennett
C - Bynum/Verajao/Zeller

Head Coach - Mike Brown
General Manager - Chris Grant

1. TRUE or FALSE: With the young talent base already on the team, the Cavaliers have the nucleus of a future championship contender.
Future? Maybe. Kyrie is clearly a dynamite lead guard (such a lackluster defender though) and Bynum still has a ton of promise. I am not as sold on the rest of the roster, though they have a lot of young talent. But young talent doesnt always pan out, and we shouldnt assume they all reach their potential. Definitely shaping up to be a challenger to indy and the bulls in a couple of years.

2. TRUE or FALSE: The Cavaliers should trade Anderson Verajao for younger talents/draft picks.
Probably, assuming they can get decent value for him. His market seems to be a veteran team that is looking for an extra bump by adding a versatile and smart defender who plays hard on both ends. What kind of assets is a team like the clips willing to give up for him though?

3. CONSPIRACY TRUE or FALSE: Mike Brown was predominantly rehired to help recruit Lebron James.
False. While there is some possibility of this happening, it would be nuts to base your coaching hire on such a tenuous future. It would make more sense to allow lebron to pick the coach if he came

4. TRUE or FALSE: Picking Anthony Bennett first overall was a mistake.
hard to really say. Im pretty high on him, but I understand some of the reasons experts were not as high. There was really no one in the draft (other than probably oladipo and noel) who I though was clearly better and oladipo is a small guard, their position of greatest strength.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Cleveland Cavaliers will make the playoffs this season.
True. If they dont, its a massively disappointing season for them. I think the final two spots come down to the wiz, pistons and cavs. While I hope the pistons make it, I wouldnt be surprised if they were the 9th team.


BONUS 1. TRUE or FALSE: Bynum, Verajao, Thompson, Bennett, Clark, Zeller: If healthy, this is the deepest frontcourt in the league.
False. Not a fan of zeller or clark really. Thompson is solid, bennett is a great unknown at this point. The griz are definitely deeper frontcourt and there are several others that I also think are both deeper and better.

BONUS 2. TRUE or FALSE: Dion Waiters will develop into a legit 2nd option.
ah, I say false if we are talking about second option on a finals appearing team
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