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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Charlotte Bobcats Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: The Charlotte Bobcats are finally on the right track.

False. They are on the path to mediocrity at best. They still don't have a franchise guy.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Al Jefferson will step up this season and play like a legitimate franchise player.

False. He just isn't (and never was) a legitimate franchise player. He doesn't make a big enough impact defensively as a big to be a franchise guy.

3. TRUE or FALSE: In the tradition of Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, Cody Zeller will be yet another MJ draft bust.

False. I think Zeller will be a solid starting PF which is good enough for the #4 pick in this draft. It might not look great if Noel or someone blows up but I still don't think Zeller will be a bust.

4. Biyombo, Henderson, Kidd-Gilchrist, Taylor, Walker, Zeller: Which of these players should be considered the most "Untouchable"?

Kemba. I'm still a believer that he can be a good starting PG on a winning team after what I've seen in the NBA and at UCONN. He is an unselfish guy who will really thrive if they can pair him with a star on the wing.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Bobcats have a realistic chance of making the playoffs this season.

False. Too young and they don't have a top end talent on the roster.
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