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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Chicago Bulls Edition


PG - Rose/Hinrich/Teague
SG - Butler/Dunleavy
SF - Deng/Snell/Thomas
PF - Boozer/Gibson/Murphy
C - Noah/Mohammed

Head Coach - Tom Thibodeau
General Manager - Gar Forman

1. TRUE or FALSE: Joakim Noah is more important to the Bulls success than Derrick Rose.
True. Not that rose is replaceable, but can you imagine the bulls having the same record last year without noah (or asik). There is no one on the roster who controls backbone of the entire team D like noah can. Sure, they have to adjust offensively to rose being gone, but their entire identity hinges on the rim protection of Noah IMO.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Jimmy Butler is THAT good.
that good? sure. Allstar good? no. Better than Deng? No. Hes an above average and long defender who has a fairly well rounded overall game. I do think we will see some regression this year (or at least not continued growth on the same trajectory), but hes still a very good young player. Bulls fans should be pleased.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Thibodeau's defensive genius, Bulls need to improve their offensive creativity.
False. They have enough creativity in their pg to not worry too much about the overall system. There is designed creativity (spurs sets off of sets) and then improvised creativity (variations within a handful of sets). Besides, when it comes down to it, defense is much more important in the playoffs.

4. AGREE or DISAGREE: More Taj Gibson, Less Carlos Boozer.
meh. I was sold on Taj a couple of years ago. Now, I think hes grown into what he is. Boozer may be a below average defender, but his rebounding and offensive spacing/skillset probably offset that enough next to noah. I prefer to see taj as the main big off the bench still.

5. The one "X Factor" that can catapult the Bulls over the top East competitors is:
Bench play. They have at least three strong bench players in kirk, dunleavy and taj (with nazr still a solid backup center). The pacers would have beat the heat with an average bench unit. the spurs would have beat the heat with decent play from their main bench guy. That will be the key to beating the heat, taking advantage of the fatigue of their main players with better bench play.
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