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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

1. Nets trade for KG, Pierce, and Terry. Brilliant trade or Skeptical?

I know that KG, Pierce and Terry are not in their prime anymore, but look what the Nets gave up:
Gerald Wallace who just had a horrible season, and is owed 30 mill guaranteed money in the next 3 years,
Humphries' expiring contract,
Marshon Brooks, who has some talent, but is not a sure bet to stay in the league for long, as his defense is very suspect,
3 first round picks, probably none of them will be in the lottery.
(I'm not counting the 4th pick, where Boston has the right to switch, bacause they will have the better pick anyway.)

2. Which Brooklyn Nets player do you consider the "X Factor" for this seasons success?

Williams - I'm not worried about him. he will become more of a passer and less of a scorer. He will distribute, and average 10+ assists. He will be back in the discussions with CP3 for best PG in the league.
Lopez - If he can stay healthy he will stay one of the best offensive centers in the league, KG's midrange jumper will provide him much more space to operate than he had next to Evans and Humphries. He will also improve defensively next to Garnett.
Pierce - he is 36. He does not have to bring anything special, he can be the 4th option, he has to play good team defense, and take what the defense gives him. He will have a lot of space to operate. His shooting will be a tremendous improvement over Wallace.
Garnett - he is 37. 5th option on offense. He needs to bring his leadership, his defense, his passing and his midrange shooting. No matter how much he declines he will be a huge upgrade over Evans and Humphries.
AK47 - he will get enough playing time backing up both KG and Pierce, he has been super consistent his whole career, he has to bring his defense, passing and bball iq.
Terry - he can be somewhat of an X factor, since either he will play well, provide extra scoring of the bench, or if he just can not bring it anymore being 36, and very undersized for his position. His role will not be big enough, so the Nets can be just as good if Terry doesn't show up, as Alan Anderson will take over the backup SG spot if necessary, and he was also a 10+ ppg scorer last season on the raptors.

Te X factor is going to be Joe Johnson.
I think all the other guys will be able to fit in, and assume a role where they can give their all, contribute with all their skills, without becoming selfish and also not disappearing.
I'm not affraid of Joe becoming selfish, but I'm affraid that with so many other offensive options around him he might develop a tendency to disappear. If he can find his role in this system, the Nets will be very good.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Jason Kidd was a smart hire as Head Coach.

I can not predict. For this current roster full of veterans, a veteran coach might have been a better choice, but Kidd had influence on KG waiving his no trade clause, and all the players love that he is the coach, so it might turn out just fine.

4. Chemistry, Defense, or Health: Which of these 3 will be the biggest challenge for the Nets?

I'm not really worried about chemistry and defense. Healthy can be an issue, but they are a very deep team, so I'm not worried about Garnett, Pierce, Kirilenko missing even 15-20 regular season games each with smaller injuries or even for rest, as long as they are healthy in the playoffs.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Brooklyn Nets will make the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

I think they will beat the Bulls or the Pacers in a 7 game series, so if the road to the conference finals does not go through the Heat, I really think the Nets will get there.
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