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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

1. Nets trade for KG, Pierce, and Terry. Brilliant trade or Skeptical?
Skeptical. Guys are old and Nets lost a lot of depth in the trade (though they made up for it in FA). It really seemed more like a soccer move to me, given Prok's Russian influence.

2. Which Brooklyn Nets player do you consider the "X Factor" for this seasons success?
Deron Williams. If he can run the offense well and put KG, Pierce, and Lopez in good positions to score, the Nets should be fine. Plus he should be getting some mentoring by JKidd.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Jason Kidd was a smart hire as Head Coach.
False. I don't like the hire. Again, another soccer move by Prok. What has Kidd done to prove he can coach a team? Especially one filled w/ so many vets that probably view him as a peer, rather than a coach.

4. Chemistry, Defense, or Health: Which of these 3 will be the biggest challenge for the Nets?
Health. Though I don't think any of the 3 will be a big challenge.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Brooklyn Nets will make the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

False. Most likely they'll have to play Chicago, Indy, New York, or Cleveland in the first round. Then Miami, Chicago, or Indy in subsequent rounds. Seems like a tall order for an old team w/ a rookie coach.
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