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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

1. Nets trade for KG, Pierce, and Terry. Brilliant trade or Skeptical?

Brilliant if KG is healthy and continues to defy age. The other guys aren't going to give you all that much at this point, though it'd be interesting to see Pierce playing like VC primarily as a spot-up shooter.

2. Which Brooklyn Nets player do you consider the "X Factor" for this seasons success?

Lopez. If he can continue to improve, the Nets will have an incredible two-headed monster in their bigs.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Jason Kidd was a smart hire as Head Coach.

False, PR move. Make no mistake though, Lawrence Frank will be running the team (at the very least until Kidd gets his feet wet).

4. Chemistry, Defense, or Health: Which of these 3 will be the biggest challenge for the Nets?

Health. This is a team of veterans without ego problems (DWill aside, potentially). If KG's healthy the defense will be fine (again, unless he completely falls off).

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Brooklyn Nets will make the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

False. Two of Miami, Chicago, Indiana will make the ECF. I don't see the Nets holding up health-wise, and even then it's close.
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