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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

Originally Posted by Peteballa
1. Nets trade for KG, Pierce, and Terry. Brilliant trade or Skeptical?

Skeptical. New Jersey rolls the dice on three guys who are way past their primes and on the verge of retiring, sacrificing four first rounders in doing so. While I won't say it's a bad trade, it isn't brilliant, either. It has the chance of backfiring terribly, much like the Knicks when they traded their future picks because they were in "win now" mode.

2. Which Brooklyn Nets player do you consider the "X Factor" for this seasons success?

Deron Williams has to be the man. He has to show that he is worthy of his superstar label and deserving of the max contract he received, as well as the hype that has surrounded him the last few years. People forget that Wiliams was in a debate with Chris Paul a few years ago for the title of best PG in the league - Williams needs to remind those people why that debate ever existed.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Jason Kidd was a smart hire as Head Coach.

False. While I love Jason Kidd as a player and believe that he has a tremendous basketball IQ, I feel as if he would have benefitted from a few years as an assistant coach before becoming the head coach, and that the Nets would have been better served with an experienced guy at the helm. While I feel Kidd has the long term potential at being one of the great coaches, I don't know if he will be able to do so this year or even next year, and the Nets have a very small window for winning a title.

4. Chemistry, Defense, or Health: Which of these 3 will be the biggest challenge for the Nets?

Chemistry. While defense will be an issue and health will be a concern simply due to their ages and injury history, I believe chemistry will be the biggest challenge. Defense will be solid as long as KG is healthy and Deron / JJ do their part, and health won't be a large issue because of the likelihood that the Nets do what the Spurs have been doing with Manu and Duncan these last few years - resting KG / Pierce in the regular season and making sure that they don't break down.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Brooklyn Nets will make the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

Wait and see. While the Nets should be a fun team to watch and a story to follow for the season, there are three teams in the East who, as of right now without watching the Nets play, are better than them. The Bulls, Pacers and Heat are three proven teams that will make it difficult for Brooklyn to reach the ECF, though we can not count them out before even seeing them play again.

Oh, and great thread idea Bagel. I had a lot of fun answering these.

You're not the only one to bring up this point. I see the logic behind saying the Nets "gave up a lot", but my thinking is just... "you play to win the game". The Nets went all-in with a logical trade/attempt. I would have more reservations if they had gone all-in on less proven players. But taking all factors into account... New(ish) city, apparent (though I disagree) decline of the Heat, Westbrook, Kobe and Rose coming back from ailments, Duncan getting older, Indiana waiting on George (though maybe no need to "wait" anymore)... this was arguably the best season to attempt such a ridiculously awesome idea.

I wish my team would be this bold and direct in their attempts to win a title, rather than be complacent. Assuming the Nets were my team, and even if they don't win a title with this gamble, 5 years from now I'd still be proud of their effort and I'd have that much more faith that management will NOT settle for mediocrity, and will go down swinging. That's a team worth rooting for. This trade, even if it doesn't win them the title, puts the Brooklyn Nets strongly in the forefront of the NBA, and labels them, and their ownership, as a force to be reckoned with.
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