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Default Foams or Jordans?

Jordans have been the number 1 target for sneakerheads worldwide... but in recent years foams are giving jordans a run for their money , especially with the hybrids of classic 90s throwback basketball shoes, in the material nike made almost impossible to crease foamposite...

I think foams are certainly a better quality sneaker.. and of course jordans are gonna be king by defualt because of a bias in all our hearts.. but with the bias out the window.. what do u think are the better and hotter shoes?? I thought the foamposite 1 are pretty ugly IMHO.. But whoever decided to make the pennys and barkleys are a gbenius..

due to politics, its likely we will never see jordans foamed out .. but if they do they will no doubt be the most expensive and in demand sneaker ever made
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