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Josh Johnson to an NL team makes sense especially in the NL east, so maybe Wash or Atl

Buehrle???? does he get moved
Reyes??? I doubt he gets moved but it is more of a pipe dream on my part because i would love to see him in green and gold
- JJ's value is probably shit right now. You may as well hold onto him and give the qualifying offer which he hopefully declines and you get a draft pick for. If some team can give a better value than a draft (which mean additional draft pool money) then yea, sure.

- Reyes isn't going anywhere.
- If some team wants to take on Buehrle's contract, sure!
- If what the Orioles gave up for K-Rod is the going price for relievers then I hope the Jays are looking to sell their bullpen. Oliver and Janssen should be made available. Maybe Cecil too.
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