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Default Re: Falling backwards while shooting 3's.

i like leaning forward more than leaning back... probably cuz i dont have the upper body strength to get it there falling away without completely distorting my form. but especially coming off a curl, anywhere between 15-20 feet, turning to the left, i love transitioning that curl right into shooting form and leaning in.... ray allen does it a lot

side note: its amazing how much "follow your shot" was drilled into my head and i still dont to it anywhere near 100% of the time. its gotta be some sort of ego/confidence thing psychologically, its sorta part and parcel of following your shot that you assume its not going in, whereas holding your form or slowly backing up means you know its going in. i dunno how you'd find out whether one mentality or the other actually effects any given shot... probaqbly not, and its no reason not to follow your shot. just an explanation lol
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