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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Boom- that's it. Are we about to sign Chauncey, Gary Neal. The artist formerly kniwn as ron artest, Kenyon Martin and fesenko?

Prob not. It's prob 1 guy decent like a sebas and then Chris smith, dermarr Johnson, and a couple of the same dipshit never string centers they keep bringing back.

Chauncey is a Piston so scratch that plan. And I think I speak for myself as well as Rameek when I say "if Chris Smith makes this team...I might as well hit the Knicks up for a tryout."

And I'm still not seeing the significance in this Prokorov vs Dolan argument. Kirilenko signed for the mini mid...which I'm sure we're going to use as well. Blatche and Livingston signed for the minimum. I'm not even concerned with the blockbuster trade. Their minor roster moves have been better. That was my only point. The trade, in my opinion, speaks for itself. Maybe I did a poos job of explaining what I was trying to say. My bad.

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