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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
Finished Bioshock, great game with a great storyline. Typically not my type of game (as if I ever played games a lot), but I really enjoyed playing this one.

Before moving on to Bioshock 2 I'm playing Arkham City. Seems like there's so much to do in this game with side missions and stuff that it takes me forever to actually get to the actual mission.

Yeah, Arkham City can be a big time investment because it is really easy to get distracted by side missions. They are all really well done tho so its impossible to skip them without feeling like you missed out on something.

I've been putting in some time into Fallout 3 and it's a pretty enjoyable game. Not really an memorable experience like other great games have been but still a fun time killer. It can be pretty difficult tho because the land is so filled with enemies and animals. The view of a post-apoc DC from the Washington Monument was pretty awesome too.
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