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Default Re: Is Ujiri Building or Tanking ? Thoughts ?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Add Atlanta to the list of teams hungry for mediocrity. They just signed Millsap. To their credit, the contract is a good value but I question their direction.

Atlanta, Milwaukee and Charlotte are all signing players and clearly trying to win next year. Tanking is becoming the obvious option for the Raptors.

I think the Bobcats have to play for relevency in their own market. They have been bad for so long MJ and the ownership group 'have no choice'.

I have no idea what Danny Ferry is doing in Atlanta... not sure he knows either...

The Bucks are still tanking despite OJ Mayo. I mean they are keeping appearences. There is still a minimum level of salary cap and competativeness they need to maintain. 1 OJ Mayo - at reasonable salary - as good as he is - does not equal the loss of M, Red and Dunleavy. Sorry they just lost 50% of their scoring. I mean they have Jenning Mayo and Ilysov (spelling). The have no big men under contract yet as Pryz is retired and Dalembert is done.


I think we will know this week whether MU is tanking or building. There are enough "pieces in play" to find Camby a landing spot... What we get back fro Camby will tell us how he veiws the team.
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