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Default Re: Is Ujiri Building or Tanking ? Thoughts ?

Originally Posted by Toni
I'm ok with keeping Amir but obviously if you get a first round pick and an expirer for him you take it. Whether it be for the 2014 draft or later, doesn't matter. But you're right he doesn't make a lot, he has great character and plays hard, and he's a good teammate and good in the community. So I'm indifferent if he gets traded or not.

But I think their needs to be some urgency in trading Lowry over Gay and DeRozan since he will be a UFA after this season and we already gave up a first rounder to get him. If we don't receive another one back it will be a huge failure of a trade. I also think Lowry is a good enough player that still has some potential to command a 1st rounder in return. He is arguably one of the most versatile and all-around PGs in the league in terms of play making and rebounding as well as a decent inside-outside game.

Time will tell, but I really hope we can get some good assets in return for Lowry.. because I don't think he will resign here unless we give him a stupid 5-6 year $50-$60 million dollar contract.

I think a team would have to be desperate to give a first rounder for Lowry (ie like the Raptors last year). I'm not a huge Lowry fan to be honest, but I was less of a fan of whatever the Raptors were making him out to be last year after he got injured. His one effectiveness comes from attacking, and they totally tried to change his game and he was invisible for long stretches. I understand that he will be a UFA, but I don't think we're going to be getting anything worth trading him for. If it's a late first rounder, not sure that's worth it. We need a desperate team or I say, let it play out, and if he's the lead dog, he'll end up putting numbers - that should increase his trade value. Only risk with that is he's had some injury trouble last couple of years...
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