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Default Re: Is Ujiri Building or Tanking ? Thoughts ?

Originally Posted by Toni
I am ok with dealing all of Lowry, DeRozan, Gay and Amir if we can get a 1st round pick in return for each as well as an expiring contract. None of these players will win us a championship so might as well blow it all up. I still don't know what Masai's stance is on the roster he hasn't really said much.

Dealing Gay and Derozan makes sense. It opens up playing time for Ross, and it makes sure that Val will be getting the ball. I'm not sure if you'd get a first rounder for Lowry, and I don't think you're getting one for Amir either.

Derozan and Gay have good value around the league. Derozan's contract doesn't look as bad when compared to the deals signed this offseason. There will be a GM or two that would be desperate enough to part with their picks in the upcoming draft.

I wouldn't mind going into the season with Lowry still on the team. With a team that is going to struggle to score, Lowry will have the green light. You hope he puts up those insane numbers that he did for Houston couple of years ago to start the season. Then you look for a deal mid-season and package him with Amir if need be. Right now, I don't think they have enough stand alone value. I don't think there should be any urgent need to trade Amir, he does enough positive for the team, doesn't make too much, doesn't have enough value by himself and won't hurt the tank...
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