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Default Re: Knowing your role on a team

Originally Posted by stevieming
Knowing my role and knowing your limitations is a little different in my book.

My role is to distribute and score every now and then, and don't try to be Kobe. Make sure when your team mates are free, you don't dribble the ball three times before you pass it, just pass it straight away. Don't try and take over, because it won't happen.

My limitation is my lack of a reliable 3 point shot. I've worked on it for years, and it's never been trust worthy. Partly psychological, partly my form.

Case in point, court use to have high school three point line, if I am one step in I generally make them, beyond I am rubbish.

My friends use to say it's all in my head.

Three months back, they've repainted the three point line to NCAA, now guess what I'm hitting a step in which is beyond the old high school three point line...

So for me personally I work on my three point shot, it's improving....

KG always does that in games. He has a wide open three, but he takes a step in and drains the shot, instead of going for the three. It can be quite annoying
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