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Default Re: Official Celtics Off-Season Thread

Right now the roster looks like:

Rondo / Bradley
Crawford / Brooks / Lee
Green / Wallace / Bogans
Sully / Bass / Humphries
Olynyk / Melo

1. Resign T-Will. Good young player that has a lot potential if he can get over that mental hump. Can be a good backup PG. Let Wilcox, Joseph, Randolph and White walk.
2. Waive Humphries. Don't need him and his contract won't hurt us as we're a rebuilding team and it's gonna expire this year. Sign Oden in FA to the vet's minimum for 2 years. If he works out, he can be a great signing for the Cs. If he doesn't you can trade him.
3. Trade Lee to the Grizzlies for their Trade Exception
4. Postpone Rondo's injury until the All-Star break. Pull a D-Rose so we lose as much games as possible.
5. By the end of the season, we'll hopefully be one of the three worst teams in the league. Draft Wiggins, Jabari or Randle.
6. Bring back Bradley, Sully, Brooks and Melo. Let Crawford and Bogans walk.
7. Sign Greivis Vasquez in FA for 18/3

Rondo / Vasquez / Williams
Wiggins / Bradley
Green / Brooks / Wallace
Sully / Bass
Oden / Olynyk / Melo
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