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Default Re: Dwight Howard has EIGHT children with SIX different women

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
lol like he has a choice, but seriously as an atheist who his considerable disdain for religious people, I think its unfair to call dwight a christian just because he claims to be one. We are our action not our words.

The real solution to this problem is to give men the right to terminate parent rights by choice, before the child is born. Essentially giving up rights and obligations to the child, sort of like an adoption. If dwight could do that these gold diggers wouldn't be in such a rush to get pregnant, and would remember to take the pill.

How about using condoms. Jesus Christ, he don't wear condoms and his hoes don't take the pill. Way to live up to the stereotype. Guaranteed most of them end up being raised by grandmothers because Dwight won't be around and the mothers are probably idiots and will squander the child support.
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