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Default Re: so the best center in basketball is a free agent and nobody is lining up to sign him?

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
if yao was still on the IL i would say hes the best center in basketball... injuries don't take away your skill level

when healthy he is a 20/12 player as a 2nd option

as a 1st option hes a 24-25ppg/12-13rpg player with 60% fg's

hes the closest thing to shaq we may ever see again. and he hits his free throws

by far the best center in basketball... lakers missed out just as he was hitting his prime. its a shame

The problem with this are basing all of your numbers on potential.

Greg Oden, who never had great numbers in college, or even high school, was labeled a sure-fire great before he ever stepped on an NBA court.

And it seems like every draft in the last 40 years was going to produce "The Next Russell." Las year it was Anthony Davis, and this year it is supposed to be Nerlens Noel. Let's revisit those two a few years down the road, shall we?

And how do players like Joel Anthony and Ryan Hollins even get a shot in the pros? Those two clowns couldn't even start in College, and their college stats were pathetic.

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