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Default Re: What would Larry Bird and Magic average in this Era?

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
Its hard to acknowledge because he coukdnt or never did it when he played. In an era where he had ample opportunity. Comparing guys like Durant and Bryant isnt feasible because they did take shots at a league leading rate.

Heres another example. Bill Russell routinely shot in the mid 40s percent throughout his career. Thats terrible for a center now, but thats was
the norm back then. And if you were to ask me what his percentage woukd be today id say low 50s. The leavue is different.

What? He did that in the 80s. He averaged 19 shots in his career and had 22 shots before. Even after his surgery, he came back and average 20 FGA while he dealt with injuries in 89-90. You really think that he wouldn't have 18-21 shots per game of he played in this era? Especially since he did it against players who played late into the 90s who had the same amount of shots like they did in the 80s. And Bird was better than them. Even old Jordan had 20 shot attempts when he wasn't as agile as he was in the 80s and early 90s. He always had the skill to get his own shot and play within the team offense. These type of skills would go for any era.

You don't think a mid 80s Bird would average about 18-21 shots in the mid 90s (pnly two or three years after he retired)all the way to the early 00s? Especially since he played against some of the best players, and was considered better than all of them except for Jordan?

If you put Bird on another team where he is the number 1 option, which would be most teams, then I don't see why he wouldn't take the most shots of the team. Especially since Mchale is probably better than most teams first option.

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