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Default Re: What would Larry Bird and Magic average in this Era?

Originally Posted by Psileas
Well, I don't recall this specific number, maybe you meant something else. However, you can see that in the 1987 season, there's a 34 game stretch when Magic averages 27.0 ppg (on 52.2% FG) in no more than 38.3 mpg, to go with his usual 11.8 apg and 6.1 rpg. Magic never cared to dominate the ball or shoot that much. But, whenever he wanted to turn it on, he had no problem putting up LeBron-like scoring numbers. But that wasn't what made his teammates better and himself happy.

Sorry about that. I was going on memory instead of actually verifying it myself. It could be that I was completely wrong, which is likely; or I read it somewhere else, and by someone else; or the number of games was incorrect.

In any case, I could not find a stretch where Magic scored 30+ in 11 straight games. In fact, MJ's best 30+ run was 11 straight games (and another of 10.)

But thanks for the other info. Clearly, Magic could have scored much more in his career. Those posters claiming he would be around a 20 ppg scorer today must be basing it on his career average.

As a sidenote, Magic had four post-season games of 40+, with a high of 44, which included back-to-back 43 point games in the '90 playoffs.

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