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Default Re: Nets Not Done Yet

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
I hope the Nets will get either Kirilenko or Korver, but my goodness we need young players off the bench too. Cant have the 7-8th man in your rotation as 30+ year old players, the lack of speed and athleticism can be so big of a problem. I am confident that the team will not be the other LA Lakers especially considering that we are playing in the East with so many weak tanking teams, but we need to do way better.


I do, however, think adding Kyle would be a smart move. He isn't worth $5 mill+, but he is worth having. The Nets seem to be using the same window of opportunity the Lakers THOUGHT they had. Maybe a good 2-3 yrs max. If that's the case, they might as well try and build a super team that will actually have chemistry since the two old guys know each other well (ala Kobe + Pau), there isn't a POS big man demanding the ball in the post when he has no moves (ala Dwight Howard), and their PG, though not a great defender, isn't as slow as a nearly 40 yr old in LA (aka Nash).
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