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Default Re: What would Larry Bird and Magic average in this Era?

Originally Posted by pauk
80s NBA basketball averaged up to 115 poss. a game (pace)... 20+ more than today.... thats a much higher pace, especially for the showtime Lakers & Celtics who probably had the highest pace of those 80s teams... Not even the most famous run-n-gun team of this era (~2006 Phoenix Suns) averaged over 96 poss. a game....

So, i think its not very likely they would average more than they did.... the game is just slower today, more thinking, more half-court offense, ofcourse anybody would love to hurry up with the possessions, but teams wont allow you to do it as efficiently you were able to in the 80s...
Funny thing is, neither the Lakers or Celtics had the highest oace in the 80s. The Celtics were routinely near the bottom, whike the Lakers were middle of the pack.
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