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Originally Posted by Young X
5 point lead with 30 seconds left from a title and they choke.

3 ft layup from tying in game 7 and they choke.

Ginobilii with 12 turnovers in the 2 most important games of the season.

Parker "best PG in the league " with 10 pts on 3-12 in the most important game of the season.


refs blew the series on the no call with ginobili driving at the end of OT in game 6

could have made a make up call to atleast send it into double OT when bosh closelined green at the end

manu got hit 3 times before his 3rd step. a brutal mugging that turned into a miami title

they say the refs like to let the players decide the game by not calling fouls with the game on the line. but it gives the team with the lead a major advantage cause they know they can get away with murder... if it was any other time in the game ray allen would have just put a hand up. but he knew the refs would swallow their whistle so he hacked away as much as possible

thats not letting the players decide the game. the refs are deciding it by not calling a foul

spurs should have won that title.

ya they choked.. but they made up for it with a smart play by driving the ball inside. the refs didn't reward them for it

lebron made up for his choking with his game 7 shots

refs never let the spurs make up for theirs
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