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Default BREAKING: Anrdei Kirilenko opts OUT of his contract!

Andrei Kirilenko turned down $10.2 million guaranteed for next season for the right to negotiate, at age 32, a multi-year extension with any NBA team, including the Wolves.

Kirilenko's agent, Marc Fleisher, said by text this morning that his client has decided to become a free agent.

Kirilenko had until today to make up his mind on an option year for next season and he went down to the final day before deciding from the south of France.

The Wolves still could re-sign their starting small forward from last season.

Kirilenko is seeking a three- or four-year extension because he believes this might be the last chance to negotiate the last big contract of his career.

Surprises me. I don't think he'll get close to $10 million a year....but guess looking for long term security.

So he's an Unrestricted Free Agent now.


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