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Default Re: Are People Certain There Will Be a "Durant Era"?

Originally Posted by All Net
Once Miami get older..who is going to stop them from winning titles?...they may not win in the next few while Miami are still like they are but after?

I think they get passed over in all honesty. There is always a team that rises up to be a contender. Im not a psychic, obviously. But I really don't see OKC winning any titles. Not hating either. But by the time the LeBron Era is over, there will be other teams looking to contend. OKC is far from dominant. There best player is a huge offensive threat, but not nearly a threat on defense. And there second best player relies 100% on athleticism and is dumber than a bag of hammers. Yea, not seeing any titles for them. Especially with a GM that trades a top 10 player in Harden for magic beans.
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