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Default Re: What would Larry Bird and Magic average in this Era?

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
I agree. Thats why I prefaced my statement by saying or better yet never did it. He was more than capable. Obviously, if he set out to score like that he could. But still the fact remains he never did it. So now were supposed to believe that a guy that hovered around 25-26 ppg for his prime, would avg 30 ppg? In an era where the available shot attempts are cut by roughly 20-25%? Better yet 30/14/8? GTFO

I think both sides tend to exaggerate quite a bit. Bird wouldn't be a 30/10/10 player today, of course not. But simply cutting down his numbers is the wrong approach, too. To me, the most likely scenario is something pretty much along his real stats depending on the players he's surrounded with. He wouldn't be god, but besides some sub par playoff runs he'd also have stretches of being the clear cut best player on the planet today.

Also, you raise an interesting point about Bird being capable of scoring more, but never doing it. Looking at his playing style, I'd say a ball dominating role wouldn't suit his skillset and also his physical limitations. People kinda underestimate how incredibly skilled a player has to be to survive amongst all these athletic freaks. And with Bird playing a one man army role for maybe 40 mpg, his all around production would probably suffer quite a bit.
I don't know, Bird was of course capable of averaging 30 ppg, but the downsides of that role should be taken into account, too.

That's the reason why I'd prefer Lebron in a ball dominant role. His durability and physical dominance makes him more suited for that. But Bird is a much more versatile offensive player, so it really comes down to the players they're supposed to work with. So both extremes are a bit silly to me. Bird and Magic would of course dominate today, but they wouldn't completely annihilate everybody.

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