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Default Re: How far will Brooklyn go next year? Post ur guess here and ill bump this in June '14

4th or 5th in east, 2nd round. Injuries are going to kill them, Lopez is having his screw fixed in his foot and is now out two months already, it's fine but it's not a positive sign. And he's the young one. JJ, Pierce, Garnett were all nursing injuries last year at playoff time. They just feel like too many dominos could easily fall and hurt them. I think all of us would be much more positive on them if we didn't see the Lakers implode last year.

Vegas odds mean nothing, a team like the Nets (Lakers, etc.) will always have better odds than the Grizzlies because they want to stimualte betting on them and more people bet on name teams. I often see people quote odds as real chance a team has, that's not the point of setting odds.
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