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Default 76ers finally on the right path!

With new Sixers GM Sam Hinkie, a known analytics believer, long suffering 76er fans can finally start using the word hope. Cleaning house by ridding Philadelphia of Andrew Bynum, and replacing him with youngsters Noel and PG Michael Carter Williams, the Sixers are setting their sites on the loaded 2014 draft and the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes with 2 lottery picks.

Gutsy move by Hinkie because Philly is sure to be a bad team this year with Holiday gone, but this is necessary. Sam mentioned that NBA history has proven you need superstars to win, and we love Jrue, but he is not a top banana type of player.

The Sixers will load up with draft picks and assets. Make Philadelphia relevant and a destination again, and then make a move for a FA when the opportunity arises in a year or two.

The Sixers should rightly regain it's place again as one of the NBA's marquee teams with it's rich history featuring some of best players of all time.

In the NBA, sometimes you have to step back in order to move ahead.
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