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Default unrestricted free agent Watch

1. D 12 - where will he go ?
2. CP3 - i think he will stay because they made a move to get doc rivers
3. Josh Smith - i think San antonio would be the best place for this guy
4. Andrew Bynum - rumored that he wants to go where?
5. David West - west will stay with IND
6 Al Jefferson - i dont know if they would keep him but i imagine he can contribute to a team that he goes to and contend ..
7. Manu - should retire imho
8 Iggy - denver said he is their top priority this summer . well see
9 Millsap - If he wants money i dont know who will take him but if he wants to win join the nets
10 Monta Ellis- I think he might end up playing with the mavs
11 tony allen - will stay as a grizz
12 Kevin Martin - dude has earn its paycheck i dont know if he wants to go back to okc or go east
13 Jose Calderon - Lakers
14 Jarrett Jack - warriors need him
15 JJ hickson - i think he will stay with the blazers not unless he gets a better offer ...

Please keep this thread updated for our unrestricted free agents...

You think you need a player from this list if yes why? and whats the probability that he will sign with your team.

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