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Default Re: lakers hurting their prestige with all the "stay dwight" bs?

Originally Posted by imnew09
Clippers fan on full hate mode. lakers still run LA

Lakers dont run squat anymore

The only thing they run now is an
inept fo,an absurdly expensive mediocre roster
and a star who wants all the credit,none of the blame,
always wants to be the man
and be considered the best at everything on his team

and LA fans eat out of the palm of his hand
and trash everybody else.

The Clippers are taking over,theyre
younger,have fresh more exciting stars,
dont have dantoni,
got the experienced,respected doc rivers,got
blake and dj
and might still have the Best pg in the league
along with a rising player in eric bledsoe.

The Clippers outsold the Lakers this year and had
a higher attendance,celebs were switching
over to the clippers,nicholson was leaving laker games often

The Lakers might not even make the playoffs
next two years with dwight gone,
While the Clips are going to habe a top 4 rec again
and win another division Title
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