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Default Re: lakers hurting their prestige with all the "stay dwight" bs?

Originally Posted by BasedTom
If I were the Lakers I'd be putting up signs saying "Leave." This diva isn't worth the trouble, or the embarrassment.

The Dwightmare Saga has been waaaaaay worse than The Decision, or really anything an NBA player has done in recent memory.

Putting up signs that say leave
or Kobes still the man,or Lakers
homegrown stay loyal
or Compare him to other great c in la

will not only turn away Dwight but also
will Convince every other star player
NOT to come play for the lakers.And
with the way Kobe kept saying its his team
and All the LA fans proclaiming he did no
wrong and is basically untouchable and their
on hi nuts 24/7 while
other stars and role players get blamed

yeah,Dwight leaves LA has just alienated
everybody that had even considered coming to la.

Thes stars are seeing how you treat the best c in
the league and what the pecking order will
always be in la,and how the fans are,its
going to turn away a lot of players .
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