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Default Hey I'm A Troll....look At Me...look At Me!!!

They have every ingredient that is vital to winning a championship. They are now the team to beat.

Deron Williams- Has been compared to CP3 for the majority of his career. He is also due to have a bounce back year and with Kidd coaching, perhaps he will be inspired to play better

Joe Johnson- Has at least 5 or 6 all stars. Just adds more star power. Top 3 in the shooting guard department. With Kobe injured, Wade, Harden, and Johnson are the best shooting guards.

Paul Pierce- Hall of famer, more than 9 or 10 all stars, and has been a Finals MVP.

Kevin Garnett- One of the best power forwards to ever play the game of basketball. He is at least 7 feet tall and has a long wingspan. Now with Brooklyn, he will play alongside a true center

Brooke Lopez- Just another 2012-13 all star center. One of the best scoring centers in the game period.

Brooklyn is going to win it all this year... Sorry San Antonio!
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