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Default Re: Vassilis Spanoulis Said To Have 2 NBA Offers (One To Be A Starter)

While Spanoulis is an intelligent player no doubt, he is unathletic and lacks the unparalleled semi-insane artistry and creativity that come from his more swarthy peers. Overall, a poor man's Ricky Rubio that could be used on the bench to boost morale by being the team whipping boy ie "Hey, Vasaline! If you try very hard every day, maybe you will be able to dunk it one day! Haha yeah right! Vasaline is such a loser." In this way, Spanoulis will boost the other player's confidence by sucking. Another way he could be utilized is by being the team's enforcer on the bench. Whenever anybody on the opposing team looks over to the bench to see his hideous, deranged face, they will instantly be intimidated, losing concentration and becoming more passive in hopes that they do not not attract the attention of this dementedly perverted Greek (let's face it, the Greeks are just a dirty, dirty people) so as to elude Spanoulis drugging them and then raping their unconscious bodies. This sort of strategy would be highly effective against the Heat, who are mentally weak, so the Pacers should definitely pursue this guy. Plus, Greeks are stupid, so the Pacers could probably get him to play for minimum wage or some shit.
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