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Default Re: Does anyone else feel the Celtics roster is better than given credit?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
The team has assets because of the picks but it's not built for immediate success of any kind. Rondo is coming off ACL recovery and with the team in "win in three years" mode the organization may even pressure him to take longer than necessary to come back. Jeff Green will score because there's no one else to do it but this team will need a 25 ppg guy and he's more like 17. The healthy players are all young and young teams with no superstar don't win. And lastly, there's no coach. There will be one hired before season starts of course but it's tough to say what the plan is when you don't have a planner.

It seems to me like everyone is acting like the Celtics are just done. They have talent on their roster right now and with clearing cap and picks whose to say their 3 years away from competing? With the right moves signings and a couple of picks in next years draft (which has been characterized as deep) its not unrealistic to see them making a run at a play off spot in 2 years.
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