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Default Does anyone else feel the Celtics roster is better than given credit?

The way I see it, the Celtics roster has a star player in Rajon Rondo, a great young defender and player in Bradley and Jeff Green, who has good potential, and with Pierce out of the way has an opportunity to play up to his potential.

Those are 3 players I'd be happy to start a rebuild with. Add Kelly Olynyk in to the mix who I think can be a solid contributor, and the Celtics are in a decent position heading in to next year.

Their back court is set with Rondo and Bradley with Brooks off the bench. I strongly believe Green can be really well at the SF also.

I think this team is a front court away from competing. Humphries is not the answer at PF and they need a C as well.

If the Celtics could grab some good front court starters I feel like they already have the pieces in place to make a run at the play offs in the east.

Add 4 future firsts + their own draft picks on to that?

Don't be so worried Celtics fans. I feel your rebuild will be very successful.
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