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Default Re: ESPN Los Angeles : "Nobody wants to play with Kobe"

Originally Posted by Graviton
League changed, these young stars realized it's not some important contest with enemies like Boston/Celtics of 80s or Jordan Bulls in 90s. It's just a game in the end and if you wanna win may as well win with your buddies. Haven't you noticed how much fun they all have in Olympics? Even Kobe loves it.

Now the Heat actually showed selflessness and sacrifice, they took less money, Lebron is due 17 million, and so is Bosh even though he is worth at best 12-14. Wade is making less than both of them. Now compare that to scumbag Harden that wouldn't take couple million less to stay and WIN in an amazing team, even though Westbrook took less money and is only getting like 13 million a year, which is a joke considering that's how much Deng and crapload of other scrubs make. That shows you who WANTS it for real, Lebron/Wade/Bosh WANTED it and in the playoffs you saw them fight tooth and nail for their championships, it wasn't easy for them by any stretch. Hell they were 30 seconds away from failure this year, even by teaming up they didn't really go through easy series at all.

Miami right now isn't really much different from any other top team, Wade is your typical 20PPG second option that's injured half the time and inconsistent as hell, Bosh is your typical big man that is playing out of position and again inconsistent. The team is that good mainly thanks to Lebron. Their "stackness" is blown way our of proportion, they wouldn't be going to 7 games against such teams if they were that good. OKC with Harden woulda been much better.

Great write up bro respect what you wrote.

Very true when you put it in to that perspective.

All I'm saying though is the Kobe way did work. You just have the right egos in line. Or maybe a coach who could keep everything in check like Phil who coaches people in to roles.

Bit honestly I liked the 80's best. It just brings better comp when teams don't like each other. Just watching the bad boy Pistons vs Jordan's Bulls or Celts and Lakers....just better overall comp IMO.

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