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Default Re: ESPN Los Angeles : "Nobody wants to play with Kobe"

Originally Posted by crisoner
Sorry what you just wrote is utter bullsh.t and fodder for all these agenda Kobe hating clones. While it is true Kobe is a remnant of the past Jordan era...he recently won two titles in three straight final runs doing things his way.

This super team friend sh.t is for the birds. You kids now a days act like all pussfied if somebody need to put a foot in your a$$ to show you the way. That's what Bird did....magic....Malone....Jordan. Really this friend LeBron working out with Durant BS. You kids reflect LeBron's oh I can't win in Cleveland so I'll scheme my way to play with my friends in Miami BS!

**** the LeBron generation!!! You freaking kids act so entitled I wish I can smack all of you with nine inches of limp!
Go back to your mamas crying that Kobe is a meany.
You tight pants Capre wearing f.cks!!!!
All of you are f.cking pu$$ys.

I honestly never see anyone get more noticeably upset over a basketball opinion on the internet than you. Calm the **** down, son.
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