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Default Re: ESPN Los Angeles : "Nobody wants to play with Kobe"

Originally Posted by KobesFinger
ITT: Kobe hater convention. Just need gengis and hank.

Kobe isn't the greatest teammate but he's not as bad as you make him out to be. Shaq left because LA had to decide whether to offer max to the best shooting guard in the game who happened to be 25, or the best centre in the game who is leaving his prime and is 32.

The reason why Kobe and Dwight never fully meshed is because Dwight felt entitled to be the number one option even though he was the 4th best offensive player on the team. Nash can make anyone good, Kobe is one of the best offensive players in the league and Pau has a great inside game.

Kobe had beef with Shaq and Malone. The Shaq issue was petty by both of them, but Malone was flirting with his wife. Do you expect him to allow it? What other high profile players has he had issues with? If Dwight didn't stagnate the offense and Pau could get deeper position, maybe he'd pass more. But 6apg isn't enough I guess.

lol...guess Kobe couldn't take some of his own medicine, wasn't he cheating on his wife this whole time?

as for Dwight be the 4th best scoring are looking at the game blindfolded, reason Dwight's offensive production was low was due to Kobe being reluctant to given up scoring opportunities to anyone but himself. Had Dwight been the go to guy throughout each game, Lakers would of been much better than what they were.
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