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Default Re: ESPN Los Angeles : "Nobody wants to play with Kobe"

Originally Posted by Graviton
Kobe failed to adapt to the times, that whole I am the boss alpha male bullshit don't work well with team chemistry and success in the playoffs. He shoulda learned from Lebron/Wade, gotta let go of your ego and team up with people, be friendly.

Kobe run Shaq out of town after the guy gifted him 3 Rings, his personality was tolerated by ***** Beta Pau Gasoft and resulted in 2 rings, but now with Superteams you need to recruit and try to get along with other big ego stars. Kobe failed to do that with Howard, got a career ending injury trying to do it all himself to prove some moot point to his doubters and will now simply be remembered as an egomaniac with trust issues.

***** Beta Pau Gasoft tolerated Kobe's personality You a master with words, legit. You stated it perfectly.

I was always shocked Pau allowed all of this. OH and it wasn't just Kobe. Laker fans have been making fun of him for years. His own fans use him as a whipping boy. Pau is a ***** made beta.

Though, he did complain sometimes to the media. Like when Kobe was chucking away and being selfish to chase a record and finally got it, Pau was like "Hopefully we can start playing team basketball again"
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