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Default Re: ESPN Los Angeles : "Nobody wants to play with Kobe"

Playing with Kobe isn't fun. He's a crybaby that doesn't want to do any of the gritty work and just wants to take all of the teams shots.

You know which players have attracted the most ring chasing veterans?

LeBron and Shaq. These guys are so dominant that they make the game easier for everyone else. All you have to worry about is making the open looks they create for you. Not to mention they create a fun atmosphere for the guys. When you come to their teams your being adopted into a family like environment.

Kobe isn't getting anyone open looks. He'll take contested shots, expect you to get the rebounds, and expect you to cover his man for him on the other end. Oh and he'll bitch at everyone too all game long and expect all of the glory when the team wins. Guy has had problems with almost every high profiled character hes ever played with except for Gasol + Nash who are two of the most humble guys in the NBA, dont care about anything except the good of the team.
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