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Default Re: What would Larry Bird and Magic average in this Era?

Originally Posted by DatAsh
So you think Bird would average the same number of rebounds as Lebron despite him being a clearly better rebounder? Larry was a 13-16% rebounder on a team with Parish, McHale, and Walton. Lebron is an 11-13% rebounder on a team with Bosh, Anderson, and Wade, yet you think those two players would average the same number of rebounds.

It should be clear that superstar numbers don't rise and fall perfectly with pace.
Im just looking at sheer numbers. It would be hard for a player to score at that rate with less opportunities to do so.

Sure perhaps on a bad team his stats could reach 80s level. But im assuming the whole Celtics squad and Magic and his Lakers squad are in the fray.
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