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Default Re: What would Larry Bird and Magic average in this Era?

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
My point is exactly that. Iverson was considered a chucker. Bird wasnt. Iverson taking 25 shots in the early 00s was equivalent to taking probably 28 in the 80s. And mind you that was Birds max.

If Bird took roughly 20 shots in a league that avg about 7100 shots per team, how is he gonna get the same 20 in a league where the avg team takes about 6500?

Because he would just take more shots?

It's not like he doesn't have the skill with isos, moving without the ball, or post up. I don't think it's that big of an issue if Bird wanted to score. If other players did it in a slower pace league who played with him like Wilkins and Jordan, I don't see why Bird cannot. Bird could average 26-30 ppg if he want to.

The less FGAs would affect the role players, but not the superstars because they are your number 1 option.

Magic would probably average the similar numbers. I don't know if he'll keep his FG%, but he will still have crazy efficiency.
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