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Default Re: YOUR top 10 players of all-time

Originally Posted by aj1987

So mad that your boy Kobe is at home, while Wade is winning more Rings. 21/5/5/2/1 on 52% and he's done? LMAO!
Yeah, I'm mad that even though Bryant has 5 rings and has a career that will D-Whistle will never come remotely close to touching.

Meanwhile, D-Whistle wasn't even a top 5 guard in the regular season and than had one of the worst post-seasons ever--16/5/5/2 on historically bad efficiency (49.8% TS). Talk about getting carried.

Yeah, he's done as elite player, which is pathetic considering he's only 31 and in his 10th season. Kobe in his 10th season: 35+/5+/5/2/56% TS.

D-Whistle. What a scrub.

Dumass stan.

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