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Default Re: YOUR top 10 players of all-time

Originally Posted by AintNoSunshine
Hey fukkface where did he lead his team to while he was padding those averages?
2000 he was putting up 23/6/5/2 and was arguably THE best perimeter defender in basketball. Won Championship.
2001 he put up 29/6/5/2 + All-NBA defense in the regular season and than put up 29/7/6/2 + excellent defense in the post-season. Won Championship.
2002 he put up 25/6/6/2 + All-NBA defense in the RS followed by 27/6/5/2 in PS. Won Championship.
2003 he put up 30+/7/6/2/1. Led team to 50 wins.

From 08-10 he put up 30/6/6/2 while leading his team to three straight Finals and back-to-back rings.

How the **** is a guy putting up those type of numbers just a scorer, you moron? During that stretch he was simultaneously one of the 2-3 best scorers, one of the best rebounding guards (the best in 03), one of the best perimeter defenders in basketball, and arguably the most skilled player in the league. How is that "just a scorer", you idiot?

I ain't even trying to convince fanboys like you anything, your man love for the dude blinds you.
Because you have no argument. Every single reasonable fan on this forum would agree that Kobe is much, much more than just a scorer.

Ignorant ass mutha****a.

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