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Default Re: YOUR top 10 players of all-time

Originally Posted by havoc33
Longevity is what puts Kobe over Shaq in any ranking. I suggest you read Bill Simmons Book of Basketball. He makes a pretty convincing argument as to why Shaq is not listed higher. Besides, if your only view of Kobe is that of an volume scorer, that really shows your lack of understanding for the game, or you simply haven't been a fan for long. Tell me, did you even follow the NBA from 97-2004? If you did, then you would have a much different view of Kobe as a player and his role on those early championship teams. How he was regarded as the best allround player in the game (next to T-Mac). Any Laker will tell you the importance of Kobe as a playmaker. Although Phil came down hard on Kobe at times in his first book, you will also read that Kobe was their catalyst and floor leader. When Gary Payton faded away under pressure, it was Kobe eventually challenged him and took charge.

It is not a coincidence either that Tex Winter was never a big fan of Shaq, and continuously ended up in fights with him over his lack of dedication to the game and unwillingness to be coached. Tex Winter famously left Shaq off his alltime list, and was quoted as saying he would "expose this guy as overrated".

Our opinions might differ, but it certainly isn't crazy to put Kobe over Shaq, it's actually very reasonable to do so (considering their full body of work).

I started watching before MJ's second 3 peat, and I was a witness of Shaq destroying every frontcourt in the league on a nightly basis during his prime, putting an entire frontcourt in foul trouble. Just his presence in the middle is something I have never seen. Shaq had decent longevity too, him being forced out of LA contributed to his decline. Shaq over Kobe for me no contest, you don't have to agree of course.
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